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Dear reader,

There are so many questions and controversial issues that have arisen from Covid-19, that, for better or for worse, have not generated a nationwide unified response and / or decisions: the F1 visa issue for international students given on-line e-learning being one.

Whilst the HAA directors reach out to the University and try to understand if anything can be adjusted, if any of us - as HUAAS alumni and members - have suggestions on how to help the would-be freshman and current students, please let me or any of the committee know? I do feel that that we should be able to do a little bit in some capacity... and I am sure anything we do would be appreciated.

In the meantime - please remember to vote for the Board of Overseers and Directors! It is all in-line and a fairly painless process. Your vote matters in getting our international representation on those panels.

Stay well and safe and healthy,
Rebecca Woo (AB '89)
HUAAS President
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Vote through 5pm EST on 18 August 2020


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Webinar - Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
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18 Aug - Webinar - Innovation on Tap: Live Author Talk with Eric B. Shultz!

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Innovation on Tap captures three centuries of innovation in America through the eyes of 25 entrepreneurs--living and departed--who have gathered to "talk shop" in an imaginary barroom. Eric will present an overview of the book and feature a handful of stories as “mini case reviews” that offer lessons about entrepreneurship in the 21st century.;

28 Aug - Webinar - Competing in the Age of Digital Platforms

This webinar will help leaders and entrepreneurs build platform businesses that can stand the test of time and win their share of battles with both digital and conventional competitors. Platforms can produce the fastest growing and highest profits companies in the world; and they can also become a formula for losing a fortune while threatening democracy and political stability. Finally, it will explore platform battles of the future, including voice wars (Alexa vs. Hey Google vs. Siri), ridesharing and autonomous car platforms, quantum computing, and CRISPR

12 Sep - Global Day of Service

Harvard's Global Day of Service welcomes the Class of 2024 to a vibrant culture that promotes civic engagement across the greater Harvard community! Our Global Day of Service is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2020. Thank you for signing up to join this effort! For everyone who signs up as a team leader, our staff will be in touch to support you in organizing a remotely-based service project that helps to meet community needs.

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The Executive Committee 2020/2021
Rebecca WOO, AB '89, President (Term Ending 2021)
Titus YONG, EdM '03, Vice President (Term Ending 2022)
Welly TANTANO AB '96 Treasurer (Term Ending 2022)
Allen CHU, AB ‘92, Secretary (Term Ending 2021)
Stephen JACOB, MPP '00 , Member (Term Ending 2021)
Arthur LANG AB '96, MBA '01 Member(Term Ending 2022)
Andrew NAI, GMP '14, Member(Term Ending 2022)
En-Ming ONG, AB '11, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Nadine YAP, AB '92, AM '95, Member (Term Ending 2021)

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