Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (1)
Dear reader,

Despite the somewhat grim news of the increasing cases (especially local transmitted cases) of people in Singapore stricken with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and the resultant severe government measures to restrict social mingling, we hope and pray that with these additional steps will begin to see an improved situation gradually emerge over the next month or so, and life, as we know it, can return to some semblance of normality. As such, we are delighted to announce our new HUAAS committee for 2020/2021!

They are:

Executive Board:
  • Rebecca Woo COL AB ’89 President
  • Titus Yong GSE EDM ’03 Vice-President
  • Allen Chu COL AB ’92 Secretary
  • Welly Tantono COL AB ’96 Treasurer
Five Directors:
  • Andrew Nai HBS GMP ‘13
  • Arthur Lang COL AB ’96, HBS MBA ‘01
  • En-Ming Ong COL AB ‘11
  • Nadine Yap COL AB ’92, AM ‘95
  • Stephen Jacob HKS MPP ‘00
Furthermore, I personally would like to thank everyone who participated in our first ever on-line AGM (March 20, 2020) as was dictated by the current unusual circumstances, and allowed us to proceed with these annual formalities smoothly. Again, it brings to my mind that HUAAS as an organization would not be here if it were not for all of you, the Harvard alumni. We would still like to hear your voice, and if you have suggestions for us in any way or form please just reach out to any of us above. Especially of interest would be what your thoughts are in terms of events and programs that would enable us to attract you and your cohort to become even more active participants in HUAAS.

There is actually quite a full calendar of Harvard-wide on-line events as listed by HAA that I would like to draw your attention to. Due not the list of events are on Eastern Standard Time in the US.
APR 10
Addiction: A Paradigm Shift from Problem to Patient Through Policy

APR 10
Harvard Club of Cincinnati Ivy-Plus Virtual Happy Hour
APR 10
Meditation Fridays
APR 14
Lessons Learned: I Co-Founded a Failed Y-Combinator Startup
APR 15
Roundtable: The Impact of COVID-19 on the DACH Region
APR 16
Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned from Disrupting Infrastructure
APR 16
A Turbulent Decade: Public Perceptions of Democracy in China
APR 16
Virtual Viewing: Arnold Arboretum Landscape Paintings by Nancy Sableski
APR 21
HAE Investor Series: Wan Li Zhu MBA ’09 of Fairhaven Capital
APR 21
Global Pandemics & Global Development: Impacts, Implications & Models
APR 23
The 10% Entrepreneur & Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in the Time of COVID
APR 28
HAE Investor Serires: Chip Hazard MBA '94 of Flybridge Capital
APR 30
HAE Investor Series: Caty Rea AB '14, MBA '19 of Highland Capital Partners
Ethical Frontiers: Human Brain Organoids
Addressing the Public Health Crisis at Border Detention Centers
HAE Investor Series: Jessica Li AB '19 of Soma Capital
So we are all trying in so many ways to keep in touch!!

Lastly, I am fully cognizant of the fact that we are unable to provide any live events currently, however, we would still like to encourage all of you to become fully paid members of HUAAS. HUAAS is a not-for-profit organization, and the funds and donations help support our events and programs, some of which are directly for our members and alumni, some of which are towards community engagement such as the Harvard Prize Book. Members are also of course offered discounts and are given priority to events where numbers have to be limited.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and hope to meet in person soon,
Best wishes,
Rebecca Woo (AB '89)
HUAAS President
Not sure of your membership status? Read this article on how you can log into the website and check for yourself.

Upcoming Events

June 2020 - Annual Dinner - TBD

The Executive Committee 2019/2020
Rebecca WOO, AB '89, President (Term Ending 2021)
Titus YONG, EdM '03, Vice President (Term Ending 2022)
Welly TANTANO AB '96 Treasurer (Term Ending 2022)
Allen CHU, AB ‘92, Secretary (Term Ending 2021)
Andrew NAI, GMP '14, Member(Term Ending 2022)
En-Ming ONG, AB '11, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Arthur LANG AB '96, MBA '01 (Term Ending 2022)
Nadine YAP, AB '92, AM '95, Member (Term Ending 2021)
Stephen JACOB, MPP '00 , Member (Term Ending 2021)

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