Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (1)
Dear Members and Alumni,

Thank you for your support thus far in building our HUAAS committee.

Following up on our newsletter last week, we are now in the HUAAS election season, and I would like
to invite you to join the election process, either as a nominee for a Board Position, or as part of the Election Committee deliberating on the elections.

Board Positions for consideration

This year, we have four open Board Positions. These positions are Vice President, Treasurer and two non-executive committee members for the 9 member board of HUAAS

A nominee for a Board Position may be nominated for any single position, or for two positions. If two positions, the nominee can be nominated for (i) any one of Vice President or Treasurer and (ii) ordinary Committee Member, and a nominee can only be elected for one of the two positions for which candidacy is declared. A member’s candidacy for any Committee position may be proposed by any member, including the candidate for such position. Please note that all offices are two-year positions.

Join the Election Committee

We are also looking for nominations to join the Election Committee

Apart from the Board Positions up for election this year, we have three (3) open positions in the Election Committee. These are not the board positions. The Election Committee members assist in the election process. The requirements to join the Election Committee are (i) You are a paid member of the association. (ii) You do not intend to run for the office in the 2022 elections. Once selected, you will be in the Election Committee for one year, until next election.

To apply for either positions, please submit the relevant forms by SGT midnight, 28 Feb 2022. If you have any further questions, you may contact the Election Committee at [email protected].

Kamal Karmakar
Chair of the Election Committee
[email protected]

The Executive Committee 2021/2022
Rebecca WOO – AB ’89, President (Term Ending 2023)
Titus YONG – EdM ’03, Vice President (Term Ending 2022)
Welly TANTANO – AB ’96, Treasurer (Term Ending 2022)
Allen Chu – AB ‘92, Secretary (Term Ending 2023)
En Ming ONG – AB ’11, Member (Term Ending 2023)
Andrew NAI – GMP ’14, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Arthur LANG – AB ’96, MBA ’01, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Benjamin Goh – HKS ’17 (Term Ending 2023)
Kamal KARMAKAR — OPM ’08 (Term Ending 2023)
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