Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (1)
Dear Members and Alumni,

This discussion of opening - restrictions - re-opening - different regulations - Delta variant of COVID, are you vaccinated? Both? which one? et al…. keeps on going on and on and on…

I don't know about you all, but the tedium is definitely wearing on me; as I write from my hotel quarantine on Day Nine. I have no intention of belittling the seriousness of the COVID issue, please do not mis-interpret the above; it would just be nice to have a smoother path of return to some sense of normalcy. Yes, our family did brave it and travelled this summer, but am now paying the (small) price.

So at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we ARE hoping (again) to re-start in-person events on a smaller scale as soon as gatherings are properly allowed. We do have a few ZOOM events scheduled, do check our newsletter, and will continue to participate in some of our signature community projects - like the HBS-led mentorship program. I would urge anyone who has interest to sign up as a mentor, the time commitment is hardly onerous and it is a wonderful avenue of supporting education and the Singapore youth.

In the meantime, your support is as always important, and in a sense, even more so, in times where we all struggle to communicate and connect as a society and group of alumni.

Do take care, and I, for one, do sincerely hope to see you soon!!

Best regards,

Rebecca Woo
HUAAS President

Sept 15 - Starting from Scratch with Zenos Schmickrath of Hmlet

In 2014, a software developer named Zenos Schmickrath, with less than $500 to his name, started a small side hustle subletting rooms in Little India to single expats looking for flexible short-term housing. In less than five years, he grew it into one of the world's largest co-living companies, valued at over $150 million.

In this interview, Zenos shares with us the inside story of how he found his first 100 customers, turned bomb shelters into major profit centres and raised $48M from Sequoia Capital and other leading venture capital firms to make living away from home feel more like home!

If you're interested, please register here: https://forms.gle/1sAnZffaneCVg1fHA. We'll send registered participants a Zoom link to the event by email!

Mid September - Conversations with Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong

We would like to invite its members to an evening with ESM Goh Chok Tong. In a moderated session to be held during mid-September 2021, we will have ESM Goh share with Harvard alumni on what inspired him to write his recently launched two-volume biography “Tall Order” and “Standing Tall”.

This event is strictly open to only HUAAS members for a total of 50 attendees and on a first-come-first serve basis. We will release more details about the event later this month and will send you a link to register.

Get involved - HBS Mentorship Program

Calling for volunteer members!

This is the seventh season of the HBS Mentorship program and members of HUAAS has been a stalwart supporter with mentors participating in the worthwhile program, which touches students in Singapore polytechnics and universities. Please visit this link for more details or feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Please sign up! Many of us who have participated have found it valuable to not only to the students, but to ourselves as well. Please email Rebecca at [email protected] to register.
The Executive Committee 2021/2022
Rebecca WOO – AB ’89, President (Term Ending 2023)
Titus YONG – EdM ’03, Vice President (Term Ending 2022)
Welly TANTANO – AB ’96, Treasurer (Term Ending 2022)
Allen Chu – AB ‘92, Secretary (Term Ending 2023)
En Ming ONG – AB ’11, Member (Term Ending 2023)
Andrew NAI – GMP ’14, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Arthur LANG – AB ’96, MBA ’01, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Benjamin Goh – HKS ’17 (Term Ending 2023)
Kamal KARMAKAR — OPM ’08 (Term Ending 2023)
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