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Dear Members and Alumni,

I am honoured to be writing to you as the newly elected President of the Harvard Club of Singapore and to have had the chance to greet so many of you at the AGM. The excitement of meeting in person was palpable - I know we are all looking to rediscover the joy
among friends that come from in-person gatherings where we can inspire, support and laugh with each other.

With your generous support and as I promised in my candidate statement, during my tenure as President, I and the Club’s Committee will work with all of you to realise the vision of creating a Harvard Yard in Singapore. I remember being welcomed into the Yard (and the Harvard community) by these words on Dexter Gate: “Enter to grow in wisdom.” On the other side of Dexter Gate, is an exhortation from the Class of 1890 to us to “Depart to Serve Better Thy Country and Thy Kind.” As alums, it is our duty to pool together our extraordinarily talented people who have access to extraordinary resources to serve better our community and to impact meaningfully the lives of current and future students.

I recognise that even as each of our very accomplished members go out there to try to change the world for the better, you will need a place where you can unwind and be yourself among friends. The Club will be there to curate these occasions where you can come together to centre yourself amongst the camaraderie of students and alums, and to grow with each other by sharing experience with and learning from each other and from the leading-edge Harvard academics who pass through Singapore.

I want to take this occasion to stress to the Members that this Club represents the aspirations and the values of its Members. Indeed, the requirement that the Club maintains a dispersed leadership model to allow for broad participation from various segments within the Harvard community is enshrined into its Constitution. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage each of you to shape the direction of the Club by volunteering in any capacity. Even if you are not sure you are in a position to volunteer right now, if you have any interest in volunteering in the future, please let us know so that we know you support our work. If you have any interest in volunteering for the Club, please fill out the form here.

Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm, and there is nothing more attractive in an alumni club than Members who rally to support one another. And I am eager to begin this journey with all of you in maintaining and elevating the enthusiasm level of the Harvard community in coming together. Together, we can make a real difference and continue to uphold the values and principles of Harvard and the Club.

Thank you for entrusting me with this position. I look forward to working alongside all of you in the coming years.

All the best,
Welly Tantono
President, HCS

Notice: Harvard Club of Singapore Elections Update

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Harvard Club of Singapore Elections

The Harvard Club of Singapore (HCS) and its Nominating Committee thank our paid Members who submitted a higher-than-expected number of nominations to run for and voted in this year’s Annual Elections.

Post conclusion of the Elections, the Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following newly elected Committee Members:

Welly Tantono COL AB 1996

Nara Nahm COL AB 1992

Ordinary Committee Members
Benjamin Goh HKS MPP 2017
Kamal Karmakar HBS OPM 2008
Poh Yong Han COL AB 2020

As Welly Tantono was the Treasurer before this Elections and has successfully been voted in as the new President, she has resigned from the Treasurer position with acceptance by the Committee. At the same time, Benjamin Goh has volunteered to replace Tantono as the Treasurer, and this has also been approved by the Committee.

Given that there is now an open position for an Ordinary Committee Member, the nominee who has received the fourth highest number of votes for this position in the Elections, Stanley Park HLS JD 1988, has been co-opted by the Committee to replace Benjamin Goh as an Ordinary Committee Member.
Please join us in congratulating the new HCS Committee and they look forward to meeting you at the next HCS event.

Best Wishes,
The Nominating Committee, Harvard Club of Singapore (HCS) 2023 Elections
Andrew Nai, Chair
Gerald Tan, Member
James Ho, Member

Notice: Harvard Club of Singapore AGM Update

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AGM decisions update

The Club held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 20, 2023 at One Farrer Hotel. Immediately afterward, the Club held a cocktail reception for Harvard University Provost Alan Garber and GSD Dean Sarah Whiting.

The AGM resolutions included:
  • Elected Mr. Stephen Jacob (MPP ‘00) and Mr. Arthur Lang (AB ‘96, MBA ‘01) as Honorary Auditors FY2023
  • Ratified and approved annual fee of S$150 for dual membership of the Club and the Harvard Business School Club of Singapore
  • Approved lifetime membership fee of S$3,000 (increased from S$1,000)
  • Approved certain Constitutional amendments. The most substantive amendments were designed to increase the number of members who will serve as leaders of the Club over the course of time, rather than allow leaders to become entrenched.
    • These amendments included: an increased waiting period for a former President or Treasurer to run again for the same position; allowing former Presidents to run again for President only when no other member is willing to run; and setting term limits on members of the Nominating Committee.

Please note that the new price for lifetime membership will be effective May 1, 2023.

Notice: Harvard Alumni Association Elections

Harvard Elections: International Call to Action

Hello everyone,

Did you know that 1 in 5 Harvard Alumni are international, but only 3 of the 30 overseers and 3 of the 18 HAA Elected Directors live outside the US?

International alumni comprise 20% of all Harvard Alumni, yet they are underrepresented on Harvard’s Board of Overseers and amongst the Harvard Alumni Association’s Elected Directors --- because only 15% of international alumni vote in the elections.

Your vote can change this.

As little as 200 votes can make the difference as to whether a candidate is elected or not. Last year international votes helped elect international candidates Scott Mead from the UK as an Overseer and Corina Santangelo from Mexico as an Elected Director.

We can do it again! Together with international clubs around the world, the Harvard Club of Singapore is reaching out to you and all the alumni in our region and asking you to vote in the elections that start on March 31st (YESTERDAY).
The outstanding international candidates on the current ballot won’t be elected without your support. You can vote for up to five candidates on the Overseers ballot and up to six on the HAA Elected Directors ballot. Even if you only consider voting for the international candidates, please vote

You may find information for this year’s international candidates at this link

How to be Counted
Your online ballot will receive in email from the Elections Services Corporation from this address: [email protected] (Harvard also will mail paper ballots to alumni who have not opted out.) If you have not received a ballot, please do check your spam folders as well.

If you would like more information on the Overseers candidates beyond that included with the ballot, Harvard Magazine has interviewed all the Overseers candidates and their full responses are here

May 9 (Tuesday) - Navigate Risks and Long-term Wins for VCs and Startups in SEA

Combined event on VCs and Startups in SEA

Interesting to find out about how VCs and startups can navigate the economy amidst what looks like a turbulent year ahead? Join us in this panel put together that features leading experts and experienced VCs to learn more about navigating risks and opportunities in Southeast Asia

Confirmed Panelists:
- Jessica Pouleur, Partner at OpenSpace Ventures
- Albert Shyy, MD Eurazeo
- Dr Snehal Patel, Managing Partner at Saena Partners

This event is co-organised by the Alumni Clubs of Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell and Harvard. Please save the date and look out for RSVP details in the next newsletter!

June 11 - (Save the Date) Krokodiloes in Singapore!

SAVE THE DATE: The Krokodiloes are coming again!! Harvard’s oldest a cappella group are back on schedule with their annual international tour, and will be performing with us on Sunday June 11th. We had such a great time with them last year.

Please mark this in your calendars and more details will be forthcoming.
The Executive Committee 2023/2024
Welly TANTONO – AB ’96, President (Term Ending 2025)
Titus YONG – EdM ’03, Vice President (Term Ending 2024)
Benjamin GOH – MPP ’17 Treasurer (Term Ending 2024)
Nara NAHM – AB ’92, Secretary (Term Ending 2025)
Andrew NAI – GMP ’13, Member (Term Ending 2024)
Kamal KARMAKAR – OPM ’08 (Term Ending 2025)
Gerald TAN GMP'21 (Term Ending 2024)
Yong Han POH – AB'20 (Term Ending 2025)
Stanley PARK – JD'88 (Term Ending 2025)