Harvard University Association of Alumni in Singapore (1)
Dear Members and Alumni,

Let us welcome the new members to the Harvard Club of Singapore Board!!

They are :
Gerald Tan HBS GMP ‘2, and
Nara Nahm COL AB ’92

En-Ming Ong COL AB ’11 has also stepped into the position of secretary for a year as Allen Chu AB ’92
has had to resign for other personal committments.

We would also like to thank Allen and Arthur Lang AB ‘96 & MBA ’01 for all their time and contribution to us in their years on the board.

For those of you who were able to attend the AGM, you will know that we are honored to have T. Sasitharan accept the HCS Fellow Award this year, and we hope that we will be able to have a larger scale, in-person, Annual Dinner in the fall where he will be able to make a more formal and detailed presentation at that time. Sasi has made amazing contribution to the arts and culture of Singapore specifically but also in that he has showcased Asian theatre and drama, thought and creativity, generally, to the international community.

You will also note that I have (not so subtly) - referred to our organization as the Harvard Club of Singapore. The history of our name is somewhat convoluted, but suffice to say that legal issues have been resolved, much to our satisfaction.

Otherwise, it does finally seem like we are beginning to be able to truly meet in larger groups in person - which is exciting!! We have a few events in the works as it is, so please do keep informed via our newsletter and Facebook postings.

See you soon,

Best regards,
Rebecca Woo

April 10 - Hike and/or Dinner at Bukit Timah Hill


April 23 - Ideas Lunch on Economics and Societal Well-Being

Hike and Dinner meet-up at Bukit Timah Hill

Now that restrictions are lifted, we are re-starting our hiking and dining series. This month, we will be planning a hike at Bukit Timah Hill, followed by dinner after. If you're only interested in the dinner, no sweat - just RSVP for dinner and we will let you know where to meet!

Event details:
Date: Sunday 10th April 2022
Hike: 5:15pm to 6:45pm
Dinner only : meet at 7:15pm (in the vicinity of Bukit Timah, exact location to be sent)
RSVP: Jared Gross (AB '03, JD '08) [email protected]

Please feel free to join us for the hike, make new friends over dinner, or both! Kindly include your contact details and Harvard affiliation in your RSVP.

Following our Ideas Lunch last month at the National Gallery, we will have our next Ideas Lunch this week on Economics and Societal Well-Being with Alumni Jamus Lim. Jamus Lim is a current Member of Parliament (Sengkang GRC), Assoc Prof. at ESSEC Business School, and former senior economist at World Bank in DC.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday 23rd April 2022;
Time: 12 noon to 1:30pm
Venue: City centre. Details of the restaurant will be sent to you upon confirmation.
Cost: $25 per person for the lunch

Please RSVP to Titus Yong at [email protected]. Kindly include your contact details and Harvard affiliation in your RSVP.

The Executive Committee 2021/2022
Rebecca WOO – AB ’89, President (Term Ending 2023)
Titus YONG – EdM ’03, Vice President (Term Ending 2022)
Welly TANTANO – AB ’96, Treasurer (Term Ending 2022)
En Ming ONG – AB ’11, Secretary (Term Ending 2023)
Andrew NAI – GMP ’14, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Arthur LANG – AB ’96, MBA ’01, Member (Term Ending 2022)
Benjamin Goh – HKS ’17 (Term Ending 2023)
Kamal KARMAKAR — OPM ’08 (Term Ending 2023)
Gerald Tan -– HBS GMP'21 (Term Ending 2024)
Nara Nahm — COL AB ’92 (Term Ending 2024)

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